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Yes, there are hundreds of different recognised qualifications availble all around the world. But you do need one to teach Snowboarding formally.

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Q: Do you need a license to be a snowboard instructor?
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What qualifications do you need to become a snowboard instructor?

This depends upon the quality of the ski/snowboarding resort you are at. A reputable resort will require you to have a certificate of training or certificate of competency from a recognized snowboarding instructor organization.

Do you need a license to give private training?

Yes. You need a Certificated Flight Instructor endorsement on your commercial airman's certificate.

If you go for a driver's license test in south Africa do you need to do it through a instructor?

No. A drivers license test can be done privately without the use of a driving academy.

Do you need a boating license for a jet ski?

you do not need a windsurfing license to windsurf but you can get RYA certificates in windsurfing as proof of your skill in windsurfing. there are instructor licenses that you must have in order to instruct windsurfing however

Where can one find snowboard instructor courses?

One can find about snow board instructor details in their website where they mentioned about the courses in winter and how to participate in hills in France, USA and Newzealand.

How many pieces of equipment do you need to snowboard?

Three. Snowboard, bindings, and boots.

Where did you take lessons on how to snowboard?

Snowboarding lessons can easily be found at the local ski slope. If there isn't a ski slope near your location, visit the nearest winter sporting goods stores for a referral to a snowboard instructor.

How do you know what size snowboard to get a youth?

The best way to find out the size of a snowboard to get a youth would be to contact a professional snowboarding instructor. One can also find the size by going to the website "The House" and looking at the snowboard sizing charts and guides.

Can you put union snowboard bindings on a Burton snowboard?

Yes, but you need a special base plate.

How much money do snowboard instructors make?

How much snowboard instructors make can have many variables. If you are certified you will normally make more per hour. If you live in the mountains you will make more as most lessons are half or full day. Typically an instructor non certified will start out at min wage or slightly higher and possibly get an extra couple of dollars for each extra person in the lesson. A fully certified level 3 instructor can make anywhere from $12 - $30+ an hour depending on the resort and years of experience. Tips can affect how much an instructor makes, a good instructor will make decent money in tips. Also discounts on snowboard gear is a benefit many instructors take advantage of which indirectly affects how much they make. With all the variables in wage a snowboard instructor just starting out will probably not make a lot, but with time and education a good instructor can make decent money. Note: you will not get rich teaching snowboarding, but you will have a great time!

How do you play the sport snowboarding?

You need a ski/snowboard recreation area and a snowboard. Some lessons are advised.

How do you open school?

First thing you need to do before anything is to get a business license and then go through the requires through the state to become a certified instructor.