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Q: A straight downhill run for high speed skating?
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Straight downhill ski run for high speed skiing?


When a boy was skating kinetic energy was doing what?

When the boy was skating, kinetic energy was being converted from his potential energy into the energy of motion required for the skating movement. The kinetic energy of the boy was directly proportional to his speed and mass while he was moving on the skates.

When should a driver will use the 2?

Driver use gear 'L' or '2' when driving uphill or downhill which required higher gear ratio to move the uphill. Downhill wise, driver use '2' or 'L' for safety purpose. The low gear ratio will use the high gear ratio to slow down the speed of driving downhill and creating 'pulling' force on your car to safety purposes. Gear '2' can be use for overtaking on the highway too provided at the appropriate speed.

How does water move from high altitudes to specific waterways?


When is high friction not useful?

In engines - during ice skating.

How do you increase speed on Yamaha golf cart?

You can either purchase a motor controller combo or visit your local club car dealer. Some, not all club car dealers can re-program your controller for more speed. Typically you will loose low end torque when they re-program for more speed. If you can't live with that a new motor and high output controller will allow you to keep your low end torque.

What causes most skateboarding or inline skating falls, according to information from the lesson?

Irregular surfaces cause the most skate falls.

Does an Ace high beat an eight high straight?

No. An Ace high is nothing but a high card a straight beats it every time regardless of what the cards in the straight are.

What is the best wing design for a self propelled plane?

A straight wing is good for a low-powered, slow moving aircraft. A straight, thick wing is good for short takeoff and landing aircraft, and high-speed, high-thrust aircraft need a swept wing.

Why are ski poles bent?

According to Wikipedia: Some racers in the high speed skiing disciplines (Giant Slalom, Super Giant Slalom, downhill, speed skiing) use curved poles that are bent to shape around their bodies while they are in a tuck position, in order to minimize air drag.

Areas in which a river may begin?

Gravity determines that water flows downhill. It is therefore apparrent that all rivers will begin in high land & flow downhill towards the sea.

How do you get a MP3 player that is plugged into a non high speed hub that needs a high speed high speed hub to work?

Get a high speed hub.