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butterfly :)

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Q: Which swimming stroke has the same name as an insect?
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Which insect has the same name as a game?

Cricket is an insect that shares its name with a popular game.

What fish has the same name as an insect?


How did cricket insect get their name?

because of their love for that English sport of the same name.

What is the percentage of body fat in the womens body while swimming?

Virtually exactly the same as when they are not swimming.

What two elements have the same insects name in them?

Antimony, Lanthanum, and Tantalum all have the insect ant in their name.

What is breststroke in swimming?

The breast stroke is a special form of swimming in which you kick your legs in a frog like motion. Both legs kicking behind you at the same time. At the same time, your arms are pulling back from the streamline position. To perfect these motions takes a lot of practice, i didnt get it right until a few years after focusing on it.

Is there such a thing as the old English swimming stroke?

Yes. It's like ordinary backstroke but both arms go at the same time not alternately and you use a breastroke-like kick. It's easy to do and quite powerful but rather antisocial in the swimming pool as it creates quite a bow-wave!

What is Butterfly in swimming?

butterfly is a stroke where your legs do dolphin stroke or mermaid stroke( keeping your legs together and flapping them up and down) and your arms go up into the air together at the same time and then down again bending your arm slightly when under the water. You also are supposed to keep ducking your face under the water every stroke of the arms you make.

Is a two stroke faster than a 4 stroke?

yes it is faster but does not have the same torque as a 4 stroke

WHEN A Truck hits a insect what effect does the insect have on the truck?

the truck and the insect have the same amount of force....Newtons third law

Fastest swimming technique?

I think the fastest swimming technique is using your hands and your feet at the same time so the movement of your body helps you go faster through the water.

Which one to get yz250 or yz250f?

There is a difference between 2 stroke and 4 stroke, hopefully you know that part. yz250 is a 2 stroke, and yz250f is a 4 stroke. 2 stroke 125cc is the same as a 250cc 4 stroke. a 250cc 2 stroke is the same as a 450cc 4 stroke. so if you get the yz250, it will be ALOT faster then the yz250f, there different kinds of power. hopefully that helps.