Which swimming race is the longest?

Updated: 9/28/2023
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In terms of competition time - Sailing is the longest individual event - Ben Ainslie completed 11 races totalling 10:45 hours over 6 days to win a single Gold medal at London 2012.

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it is the 1500 metres freestyle ----

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1500 meters

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Q: Which swimming race is the longest?
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What is the longest Olympics swim race?

In the pool. 1,500 metres for men and 800 metres for women (freestyle) 200 metres in all the other strokes (Back, breast and fly) 400 metres In the IM (Individual medley, 100m each of fly,back,breast and free in that order) Open water 10 kilometres ( the swimming equivalent of running a marathon )

Name the largest swimming course?

If you are referring to competition pools, then your answer is Long Course Meters. This course, used in the Olympics, FINA World Championships, and US Summer Nationals, is 50 meters long. If you are referring to longest swimming competition, it's definitely open water swimming. The longest race held in the Olympics is the 25K.

What and when is the longest race in the olympipc games called?

The longest race is the 50 Km walk. The longest running race is the Marathon.

What was the first recorded swimming race held where?

When somebody felt like swimming a race against somebody.THAT'S when.

What is Tinman Triathlon?

a race that has swimming, biking and swimming, in that order in it. it is a non stop race and it is great!!!

What is Nascar's longest race?

The Coca-Cola 600 is currently the longest sanctioned Nascar race.

What is a butterfly race?

a butterfly race is a swimming event lap race.

What is the longest horse race in the flat race season?

The English Grand National, not a flat race but it's run in the flat season, making it the longest race in the flat race season.

How swimming is played?

Swimming can't really be played. Swimming is more of a social event. You can swim for sport but its simply a timed race of a set stroke over a certain distance. E.g 50m Butterfly. Swimming is used, however, in sports such as water polo.

In which type of race do you NOT cross the finish line?

An arms race, an eating contest, a swimming race (the race is finished when a swimmer touches the wall, so they don't pass anything in order to finish).

What is the longest race a musher has made?

The Great Serum Race

When was the first swimming race?

It was in Japan.