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Q: What is the proper action to take when swimmers are in the waterways?
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What action should boat operators take to ensure the safety of everyone on the nation's waterways?

report suspicious activities

What action should boat operators take to ensure the safety of everyone on the nations waterways?

report suspicious activities

Where are the quotation marks in this sentence Swimmers take your mark set GO!?

"Swimmers, take your mark. Set. GO."

Why do swimmers take a shower after they have been swimming?

Swimmers take a shower after swimming because all the chemicals in the pool can damage their hair and skin and the chemicals are very bad for your hair and skin.

Why do swimmers and divers takeshower after they get out of water?

Manly swimmers and divers will take showers afterward meets, practices, etc. because to get the chlorine out of hair.

How long will it take for swimmers itch bumps to go away?

Usually a week

Granted by Article I of the Constitution this allows Congress to take any action they deem necessary and proper for the benefit of the country?

Elastic clause

What is canon in swimming?

A cannon is a big relay where lots of swimmers take part and race

10 essentials to take to Antarctica?

clothes, swimmers, toiletries, Nintendo DS, watches

How can you take legal action on a man you just found as your father?

take things slow and get to know each other HOPEFULLY you and your dad will get to have a proper father son/daughter bond /life.

How did both the British and the Americans take advantage of waterways in the colonies?

becuase they were getting in the trade that they brought in

How long will it take for swimmers itch to go away?

You should wait a little bit until it is fully gone because it may be contagious. It could be passed on to other swimmers.