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Improper water chemistry - stay out of the pool until they learn how to properly maintain a swimming pool. Last measure would be to test the water yourself for proper chemistry.

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Q: Rash all over legs after swimming in a private pool?
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No rash but I am itchy all over torso and lower legs.?

It can be due to mites. They can be present on your bed.

I have an itchy rash from a sunless tan lotion i used I still have the rash all over my legs and arms but i want to tan somehow what should i do?

You should consult your physician about the rash. Bring the sunless tanning lotion with you for him to examine the contents and to give you a professional medical opinion.

What causes welts that turn to bruises?

I woke up with a rash over my whole body. Later there appears to be bruising and my arms and legs hurt like they are bruised.

I have an itchy rash from a sunless tan lotion i used I have the rash all over my legs but i want to tan still outside what should i do?

Discontinue using any product which may have caused the rash. Read and take notes of the ingredients of that product. Wait a few days until the rash has gone away until you try using a new product. When you find a product that does not cause a rash, compare the ingredients to find out by a process of elimination what caused your rash.

How do people cross their legs?

People cross their legs by resting one leg over the other. Women cross their legs as a form of etiquette and to keep from showing private areas while wearing skirts or dresses.

Can you get warts from shaving?

If you have warts on your legs shaving over them can spread the disease even more. Answer You can get a rash from shaving and sometimes it can look like warts if you are not familiar with what each of them look like.

What do the arms do while swimming the butterfly stroke?

Your arms are moving a circular movement over the water while your legs are doing a up and down motion.

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What vitamins can cause a rash?

Vitamins that can cause a rash are; Vitamin D, Vitamin A, and Omega-3 Fatty Acids. The rash is caused by an over dose in the vitamins and is a sign you are taking over the recommended dosage.

What does creatine mono-hydrate skin rash look like?

rash spots all over the body.

Can you go swimming with a rash on your stomach?

It sounds a lot like ringworm. My family had an above ground pool that initially did not have chlorine in it. I was already sick with strep throat and had a compromised immune system, but after swimming in the pool and going to bed shortly after, I noticed in the morning that I had an oval shaped pink rash on my abdomen. My doctor inspected the rash the next day and confirmed it was ringworm (very common in the summer months and easily contracted from a swimming pool which harbors fungi without the appropriate chemicals like chlorine). I wish the best of luck to you and anyone else who stumbles upon this answer. Ringworm can be treated with over-the-counter cream or prescription cream, but it should be treated immediately never the less. It takes a few weeks to fully be rid of this fungal infection and even then, there is a moderate risk of recurrence.

What is fat and fluffy and red all over?

a rash?