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Q: Is a life vest required for water polo?
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Used for protection from bullets and water?

A vest is used for both- but not the same vest. A bullet proof vest, and a life vest.

Where can a Polo sweater vest be purchased?

There are many places where a Polo sweater vest can be purchased. This includes large department stores, menswear stores and sites such as eBay and Amazon.

Is a vest required with a tuxedo?

Not a vest, but a cummerbund.

What does a canoeist need?

A canoe, water and a paddle. A life vest would be sensible.

How do you get a dog to swim if they hate water?

Put a doggie life vest on him and throw him/her in the water...they'll love swimming in no time

When was More Life in a Tramps Vest created?

More Life in a Tramps Vest was created in 1997.

What is a snorkeling vest used for?

its like a life jacket its so you dont go to far under the water.

Why do airplanes have windows?

So flight attendants can decided how to evacuate the aircraft in case of an emergency. For example if they were over water they would need to have passengers put their life vest on. We as if they were just over land they would not need life vest.

Why do life vest eeps you float in the sea?

Life vests are designed to provide buoyancy by trapping air inside the vest, which helps to keep you afloat in the water. The material used in life vests is also lightweight and buoyant, further assisting in keeping you above water. Additionally, life vests are designed to keep your head above water to prevent drowning in case of an emergency.

What type of vessel is a U.S. coast guard-approved PFD required to be worn by every person on board?

The US Coast Guard has a great brochure on choosing the correct like vest. You can access it at related links below. Having the correct life vest is imperative to your safety on board any watercraft. May people assume that life jackets are not necessary when they are on the water, but everyone must be ready for an emergency. This year, there have been many unfortunate deaths due to people not wearing life jackets. Amazingly, many of these deaths were people that could swim well, and that jumped into the water to save another. Be safe! Wear your life vest at all times.

Is a orange vest required during archery season?


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