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Q: How many word records did Michael Phelps break?
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How many records did Michael Phelps Make?


Who has the record of having many world records?

Michael Phelps

How many world records did Michael Phelps brake in Beijing?

whos record did Michel phelps brake?

How many of his own world records has Michael Phelps broken?


How many olympic records has Michael Phelps set?

He set 8 Olympic records at the Beijing Olympic games.

How many Olympic records Michael Phelps holds?

8 olympic records, 5 indiviual, 3 relays.

Who is the fastest swimmer in America?

Depends, Micheal Phelps has retired plus many people have broken his records.

Who holds the most world records in swimming and how many gold medals have they won?

michael phelps

How many individual olympic medals does Michael Phelps have?

Michael Phelps has 23 olympic medals

How many Michael Phelps questions are on WikiAnswers?

There are over 900 questions about Michael Phelps on WikiAnswers.

How many toes does Michael Phelps have?

Michael Phelps has ten toes; he is not part fish.

How many medals did Michael Phelps get in the 2009 Olympic?

its 2008 .. Michael Phelps got 8 medals