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Michael Phelps has 23 olympic medals

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Q: How many individual olympic medals does Michael Phelps have?
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How many medals did Michael Phelps get in the 2009 Olympic?

its 2008 .. Michael Phelps got 8 medals

Who won the most gold medals in olympic history?

Michael Phelps, swimmer, won the most gold medals in Olympic history.

How many bronze medals has Michael Phelps got?

Michael Phelps has a of 6 bronze medals, 2 of which were from the Olympic games.

Who won the most individual Olympic medal?

Larissa Latynina 18 medals overall. Michael Phelps 14 gold medals, 16 medals overall.

Who holds the most Olympic gold medals in individual events in a single Olympic year?

Michael Phelps 2008 with 8 golds in swimming

What athlete has won the most olympic medals?

Michael Phelps (22 medals).

What is Michael Phelps total medal count?

how many medals has Michael Phelps got from all of the olmypics

Did Michael Phelps give his coach one of his Olympic medals?


Who won nine olympic gold medals?

Michael Phelps

Who has won most olympic gold medals?

Michael Phelps

Who has Most olympic medals for Jewish athletes?

Michael phelps

Most Olympic medals from the United States?

Michael Phelps