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A sell out for a NFL game is when a team sales eighty-five percent of their general sitting. Club seating and luxury suites are not included in this percentage.

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Q: What is considered a sell out for an NFL game?
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If they are copies you taped of the tv, yes it is a violation. If you purchase a game tape from an authorized NFL retailer, you can re-sell it, but cannot keep or make a copy. You can buy your original copy but not make several copies and sell all of them.

Was the 1958 NFL championship the first nationally televised NFL game?

Yes. However, part of the New York area was blacked out because the game didn't sell out. But, officially, you could say it was the first nationally televised game; though not the first televised.

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Where can one purchase NFL Football tickets?

You can purchase from the official online NFL ticket exchange or you can now buy it from other fans directly. When you can't attend a game you can sell your ticket on NFL ticket exchange powered by the ticketmaster.

How much money does an NFL team make for one home game?

If they sell out the stadium, roughly between 6 and 10 million.

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