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This could be done with actually no pitches thrown if the pitcher comments illegal pitches -- but yes.. generally 4 pitches for balls equals a freebie

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Q: How many balls have to be pitched in baseball to walk a batter?
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Hello world my finger is on the button and that is the anwser to balls

What did satchel paige do that made him famous?

he is famous for pitching for many different teams.he has broken many records. Leroy Robert "Satchel" Paige was an American baseball player whose pitching in the Negro leagues and in Major League Baseball (MLB) made him a legend in his own lifetime. He was elected to the Baseball Hall of Fame in 1971, the first player to be inducted based upon his play in the Negro leagues.

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How did Jackie Robinson impact history?

The baseball star, Jackie Robinson, had a major impact on baseball and in US society as a whole. Becoming a Brooklyn Dodger in 1947 was big baseball news as he was the first Afro-American to be a player in the major leagues. This of course led the way for other Afro-Americans to play major league baseball. The impact was huge. In 1947, with three baseball teams in the nation's largest city, this became news, but it was bigger news than many Americans today realize. In 1947, there were only two major sports that lite up the sports scene in America. One was college football, the other was baseball. Big time sports today, as example include the NBA, the NFL, and NHL. In 1947 this was not the case. So the impact was greater than if we had all the big spectator sports of today. The impact because of baseball's overall position as the "Nations Pastime" brought more non sports publicity about Jackie Robinson.

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How many balls are lost in a professional baseball game?

Every ball pitched is taken out and replaced.

How many balls did it take to walk a batter before 1880?

At the beginning of the National League in 1876, nine balls were needed to walk a batter.

How many balls and strikes in a full count?

In baseball, this is when the batter has a 'count' of three balls and two strikes. It is called a full count because the batter cannot get another ball or strike without the at bat ending ... one more ball will cause a base on balls (walk) and one more strike will be a strikeout.

How many balls do you get pitched before you can walk in softball?

You can walk after four pitches.

How many fowl balls in a row happened in baseball?


What is baseball pitching stat bf?

AB stands for "at bats" which is how many times a batter gets to go up to the plate and hit the Baseball. Bf is "batters faced", which is the number of batters pitched to (pitching stats)

What is an out in baseball?

According to MLB Rule 2.00: "An OUT is one of the three required retirements of an offensive team during its time at bat." There are many ways an out can be recorded. The three most common are the flyout, groundout, and strikeout: 1) Flyout: A batter hits the ball in the air that is caught by a defensive player before it hits the ground.2) Groundout: A batter hits the ball on the ground that is fielded by a defensive player and thrown to first base before the batter reaches first base.3) Strikeout: A batter accumlates three strikes before accumulating four balls or before hitting the ball and putting it into play. A strike is a pitched ball that the batter either swings at and misses or a pitched ball that the batter does not swing at but passes through the strike zone. A ball is a pitch that the batter does not swing at and does not pass through any part of the strike zone.Click on the 'Definition of Terms' link below to read the definitions of terms used in baseball.

How many fouls can a batter get?

As long as none of the foul balls are caught before they touch the ground, there is no limit.

How many batter boxes are there on a baseball field?


Name some characteristics of a baseball?

There are many characteristics in baseball. The main characteristics are pitching the ball to the batter and then the batter running after hitting the ball.

How many ways can you be walked in baseball?

4 balls or hit by a pitch.

How many balls does an umpire prepare before a baseball game?