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This could be done with actually no pitches thrown if the pitcher comments illegal pitches -- but yes.. generally 4 pitches for balls equals a freebie

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Q: How many balls have to be pitched in baseball to walk a batter?
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How many foul balls can a batter have in baseball?

An infinite number

How many balls does a baseball batter need in order to get walked?


When baseball first started how many balls did it take to walk a batter?

At the beginning of the National League in 1876, nine balls were needed to walk a batter.

How many balls are lost in a professional baseball game?

Every ball pitched is taken out and replaced.

How many foul balls in a Baseball game?

Each batter can have as many as they want so there is no real limit.

What is a force out in baseball?

It's where the batter is forced out b/c he got too many balls

How many pitches are there in softball?

Its just like baseball, 3 Strikes- Batter is out 4 Balls- Batter gets a free walk to first base

How many balls have to be pitched to walk to first base?


How many strikes or balls well the batter get up to?

A batter may get up to 3 strikes and 4 balls. After the third strike the batter goes back to his bench. After 4 balls he advances to 1st base.

How many strikes or balls a batter will get up to in softball?

A batter is allowed a maximum of 2 balls unless they are female Strikes is a whole different situation

How many strikes or balls will you get in a softball game?

In an at bat a batter as to get 4 balls before they walk. A walk meaning they get to be on first base. In a at bat where there are no foul balls they batter gets three strikes before they are out. If there are foul balls they count as pitches, but a batter can not strike out on a foul ball that is not caught.

How many pitches were called balls if a batter had a full count?


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