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Q: When was Kobes fourth and fifth ring?
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What are the colors of each ring of the Olympic symbol?

First ring -blue Second ring -black Thrid ring -red Fourth ring -yellow Fifth ring -green Means Blue,Black,Red,Yellow,Green respectively .

When was Tomáš Kobes born?

Tomáš Kobes was born in 1978.

What are the fourth and fifth prime numbers?

The fourth prime is 7 and the fifth is 11.

What is the standard form of fifth to the fourth power?

One fifth to the fourth power is 0.0016

What is three fourth of fourth fifth?


How many rings of electrons does Iodine have?

Iodine has seven rings of electrons in its electron configuration.

What word does not belong first second third fourth fifth?


Is one fifth bigger than one fourth?

No. One fourth is 25% and one fifth is only 20%.

Is one fourth or one fifth bigger?

one fourth

Who were the fourth and fifth persons to walk on the moon?

The fourth and fifth man to walk on the moon were Alan Bean and Alan Shepperd.

Where can you buy Kobes?

In a shop!

What is Kobes number?