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pioneer football league

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Q: What division does Univ of san Diego football compete in?
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The rock played football for what college?

The Univ. of Miami.

Does univ of Tampa have a college football team?


Which teams have more college football wins than auburn university?

Alabama. Georgia, Univ of Florida, Ole Miss, Univ of Mississippi, Clemson, Univ of Tennessee

What is the most tackles in a single season in high school?

Mark W. Clark - Linebacker - 180 tackles, single season - 27 tackles in one game - Oceanside High School - San Diego County, California - 1st Team All American - San Diego CIF Section Champs - 1st Team All CIF - 1st Team All Avocado League - Recruited by: Washington State, Univ. Washington, San Diego State Univ., California State Univ. Long Beach, Univ. Idaho, Univ. Oregon, Univ. California Los Angeles, Air Force, Colorado, Univ. Tennessee - Class of 1976.

Who holds the record for the most tackles in a high school football game?

The NCAA record for the most tackles in a season is held by Kevin Talley. He recorded 195 with Norfolk State in 2003. However, Lawrence Flugence holds the FBS (Division 1) record with 193 tackles in a season for Texas Tech in 2002.

How many national football championships does the Univ of FL have?


What was the largest turnaround in division 2 football history?

In Division 1-A, that was when Michigan State, losing 38-3 to Northwestern in the 3rd quarter, scored 38 unanswered points to win 41-38 on October 21, 2006.

What college did doug Williams play football for?

Tulsa univ and grambling

How many national championships has the univ of Florida football team won?


In what year did the Univ of PA play the Univ of CA in its opening football game?

September 29, 1951: Cal 35, Penn 0. The game was played in Philadelphia.

Can there be 2 Division one schools in the same town?

Yes...USC (Univ. of Southern California) & UCLA (Univ. of California @ Los Angeles) are both in Los Angeles is one example.

Did Lyndon B. Johnson play football?

No, however he played baseball as a teen and was known to be a Univ. of Texas Longhorns football fan.