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Q: Does univ of Tampa have a college football team?
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The rock played football for what college?

The Univ. of Miami.

What is the worst college football team in Ohio?

1-7-1 in 1897 and 2-6-1 in 1947.

What college did doug Williams play football for?

Tulsa univ and grambling

Which teams have more college football wins than auburn university?

Alabama. Georgia, Univ of Florida, Ole Miss, Univ of Mississippi, Clemson, Univ of Tennessee

How many national championships has the univ of Florida football team won?


What are 5 higher educational instutions in Maine?

Univ. of Maine, Univ. of New England, Bates College, Bowdoin College, and Colby College.

What division does Univ of san Diego football compete in?

pioneer football league

Is shivaji college is a girls college or a coeducation college?

this delhi univ. college is a coeducation college.

How many national football championships does the Univ of FL have?


What college football teams are in Washington?

DI: Univ. of Washington, Washington State University DII: WWU, CWU, Gonzaga, EWU, UPS, Seattle U, Evergreen

What colleges are in Chattanooga?

Tennessee Temple Univ. Temple Baptist Seminary Chattanooga State Tech College Univ of Tennessee - Chattanooga Chattanooga College of Medicine ITT Technical Institute

What sports teams are named after reptiles?

The Arizona Diamondbacks in baseball and the Arizona Rattlers in arena football.