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ask a ninja.

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Q: Japanese martial art of stealth and camouflage?
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Is judo a Japanese martial art?

Judo is originally a Japanese martial art which emphasises throwing.

What is the Japanese martial art similar to judo?

Judo is the Japanese martial art that was derived from JuJitsu by Kano Sensei.

What language does jujitsu come from?

Jujitsu is a Japanese martial art. The word is Japanese and means 'The gentle art.'

What is the newest Japanese martial art?

Modern Karate

How do you do ninja techniques?

The art of the Japanese Ninja (ninjutsu) was a combination of Martial Art with military training (camouflage, stealth, infiltration, etc.), and cutting edge weaponry (including, chemistry, poisons, and explosives). A modern day practitioner would be more authentically following the philosophy and training of the ninja by learning a comprehensive system of Martial Art from a qualified instructor, studying military teachings and tactics (or by being in the military), and researching the most advanced knowledge of weaponry, and other skills that could be applied in the field of combat as well as military espionage.

How do you spell judoe?

The martial art is spelled judo.

What j is a sport similar to karate?

It is a martial art, but is somewhat different, but Judo and its root art of Jujutsu are Japanese martial arts.

What is the martial art called iaido?

It is a style of Japanese swordsmanship.

What do you call a Japanese martial art instructor?

Jang Pow.

Is there a special language for this martial art?

the language would be Japanese

Is Aikido Korean?

No. Korea does have a similar martial art, but Aikido is Japanese.

What do you call a Japanese martial art which employs grappling techniques?