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we ll be having only 7 balls... n the 8th ball that is black is common for both... if we pot the black ball by mistake the opponent wins...

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Q: Why is it when you have just the 8 ball left and the other player has 4 or 5 balls left you lose?
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How many balls are there for each player to sink in the game?

It depneds on what the game is. If it is football, basketball, tennis, and some other games, there is just one ball on the floor at any one time. If the game is pool, there are 15 balls plus the cue ball. Other games played with balls may have other numbers of balls.

If a player kicks the ball outside should the other team's player get it?

On a punt the other team gets the ball. But if it's just randomly kicked, who kicked decides who gets the ball.

What poke ball should you use to catch Cresselia?

Master Ball! but if you dont have it, just use dusk ball at nite.

Where to play pool?

Pool may seem like a complicated game, but you just have get used to it... First off, someone breaks... Someone breaking is when the balls (strips and solids) are in a triangular form, and someone hits it with the white ball... If a ball (strips or solids doesn't matter) goes in, you continue your turn, but if one does not, its the opposite players turn. The turn after breaking, is the turn in which you determine who is strips, who is solids. Because, which ever one of thos balls that goes in, becomes the player who hits it ins type of ball... For an example, your solids, you want to get the solid balls, and only solids, in. If you get the other players ball in, its their turn. But if you get your ball, and the other players its still yours. Unless you hit theirs first. Also, if you get the white ball in, it is the end of your turn, and the other player gets to put it no matter where on the table. But if you get your ball and the white ball in, its the same thing except you must replace the ball you got in on the table. Once all your balls are gone, you have to try and get the 8 ball in.. But if you get it in before all your balls are gone you lose. And that's the game!

What are the original rules of dodge ball?

well in the U.S the original/popular rules are- 6V6 split court 6 8.5 inch rubber play ground balls ball is live until it hits wall/floor (you can catch it off a player and keep them in and opposing player who threw is out. You can catch off a deflected ball and get opposing throwing player out) Catch brings in one player and throwing player is out game played until all players on one side are eliminated

How many numbers do you have to get to win anything in Mega Millions?

You can just get the Mega Ball number and win $2 and it goes up from there.

How many ultra balls to equal a master ball?

you cant measure out ultra balls to equal master balls. master balls are just a lot better.

Can the Newton's Cradle possess potential energy?

Yes, a Newton's Cradle can possess potential energy. When the balls are lifted to a certain height, they gain potential energy due to their position in a gravitational field. This potential energy is then converted to kinetic energy as the balls swing back and forth.

What are the basic rules of dodgeball?

you get the ball and you try to hit the opposing team with it and if u hit them there out but if they catch the ball your out. keep throwing the balls until their whole team has been eliminatedBasically just throw the balls at the other team and don't get hit.if you get hit with the ball you are out until someone catches the ball then who ever threw the ball is out and the last person that was is back in

What happens if more than two players double team the player who is holding the ball?

Nothing. That just means it is more likely for the player to lose the ball.

Where does Pluto fit?

Exactly where it always did ... they just changed its title. Everybody knew it was an odd-ball, then they discovered a bunch of other odd-balls.

In Pokemon Silver How do You catch?

in Pokemon silver you can catch Pokemon as how you catch in other versions. in the Silver version is where the use of special Poke balls were introduced just like Fast Ball, Heavy Ball and Lure Ball.