What is cue taking?

Updated: 11/20/2022
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Q: What is cue taking?
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Can you fit a snooker tip in a pool cue?

No. The typical snooker cue tips are much smaller than the typical pool cue tips. So, you can fit a pool cue tip to a snooker cue, but not a snooker cue tip on a pool cue.

According to the cue-taking model?

members of Congress make decisions by checking how key colleagues intend to vote on a bill.

What is a antonym for cue?

what is the antonym for cue

What does on cue mean in English?

A cue is a direction to do something. To act on cue is to do what you need to do when the cue is given to you. It is common in acting, as delivering your line on cue, that is, when your turn comes up or when you hear the line that leads into yours.

What is external cue?

An external cue is a cue that comes from a body movement or through the use of aids including visual aids. An external cue might include a cue card held up for a reaction.

What cue used Efren Reyes at DCC 2009?

playing cue mezz cue, ferrule at 12.5mm break cue - mezz ice breaker

What is a snooker rod?

A cue

How does you use cue in a sentence?

Sure! Here's a sentence using the word "cue": The music changed as a cue for the actors to enter the stage.

Where can you get your cue weighted?

Most cues are made to be adjustable. The weight bolts are changed, added, or removed as needed from the butt end of the cue. Remove the rubber bumper from the butt end of the cue. If there is a weight well, then your cue is adjustable. If there is no weight well, then I would recommend you have a cue maker or cue repairman determine if your cue can be made adjustable.

Who wrote cue for treason?

Geoffrey Trease wrote Cue for Treason.

Can either end of cue be used?

No. Rules published by BCA are very specific. The cue ball must be struck with the leather tip of the cue.

What is the plural of cue?

The plural form of cue is cues.