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Q: How do you say do you know how to play chess?
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Do the Jonas brother play chess?

I believed they have played chess before. But I don't know how often they play chess because of their bust schedules!!

Who can play chess in medieval times?

Anyone who know's how to play it

What does aux echecs mean in french?

It means "Chess". To say "I play Chess", one would say "Je joue aux echecs"

How do you play the train chess game?

Easy! you just find a train to sit next to you, and play a regular game of chess! If you don't know how to play chess you can get lessons online...for only $100 per month.

How do you say horses don't play chess in Japanese?

Why do you need to know? But 馬はチェスをプレイしない"

What games do French children play?

I know many children play chess in France

How do you say I like to play chess in Cantonese?

You should say "我鍾意捉棋"

Did turtle already know how to play chess in the westing game?

Heck yes!

Why does this sentence includes 'is' on the last part 'You don't know where the best place to play chess is'?

The sentence as given should not end in "is". In fact, sentences like that should be reworded. I don't know where to find the best place to play chess.

Where can you play wizard chess?

You say where you want your chess piece to go (C5, etc) and it goes there. That's the only thing that's different from normal chess apart from the chess pieces whacking and breaking each other.

Do you need a ball to play chess?

You dont need a ball to play chess.

How do you play chess in a computer for free?

You can play chess at the related link below .