Why was Chris Webber not involved in the Fab Five documentary?

Updated: 10/23/2022
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He's black

so were the other four guys you idiot!

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Q: Why was Chris Webber not involved in the Fab Five documentary?
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What were the jersey numbers of michigan's fab five?

Chris Webber #4 Jalen Rose #5 Ray Jackson #21 Jimmy King #24 Juwan Howard #25

Who was the 1993 NCAA mens basketball champions?

North Carolina. They beat Michigan's Fab Five (Chris Webber, Juwan Howard, Jalen Rose, Jimmy King, and Ray Jackson)

When did the Fab Five leave for the NBA?

Chris Webber entered the 1993 NBA draft. Jalen Rose and Juwan Howard were in the 1994 draft. Ray Jackson and Jimmy King finished their eligibility in 1995.

What was Michigan's 1993 football roster? This link has the answer you are looking for.

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Where did the famous five come from? refers to the team Chris Webber was on when he cost his team the game by calling timeout when they didnt have any timeouts leftAnswer:Alternately, the Famous Five or The Valiant Five were five Canadian women who in 1927 asked the Supreme Court of Canada to answer the question, "Does the word 'Persons' in Section 24 of the British North America Act, 1867, include female persons?".The five women were:Emily MurphyIrene Marryat ParlbyNellie Mooney McClungLouise Crummy McKinneyHenrietta Muir Edwards

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Did Michigan's Fab Five win the national basketball title?

No. Michigan's Fab five lost to North Carolina playing for the Championship. Chris Webber had called a time out when they didn't have any, resulting in two free throws for the Tar Heels, leading to the Wolverines defeat.North Carolina beat Michigan when the so called "Fab 5" played for the 1993 National Title.Jalen Rose, Juwaan Howard and Chris Webber were the best known of the quintet.Repurcussions of great magnitude mark their place in NCAA basketball annals.Hands down best fight song in college sports including Notre Dame and several other pretenders.Back to the question at hand.Mathmatical genius Chris Webber, apparently unable to comprehend numbers greater than (Fab) 5, called time out when there were none left. Michigan went from having the ball and a chance, just possibly a chance, to pull the game out to playing defense against a Tarheel team with the lead, a technical foul free throw and possession of the ball with a nihilistic amount of time on the clock.Not only did they not win the title game with North Carolina but ,due to a plethora of improprieties involving many of the "Fab 5" and their team mates, THE UNIVERSITY OF MICHIGAN, not THE NCAA, but THE UNIVERSITY OF MICHIGAN, forfieted all games in which they played and struck their names from the Michigan record books.They disgraced Michigan and all NCAA basketball with their mere presence, not to mention their criminal and improper conduct, and were thus banned, deleted, erased, obliterated, nuked, blasted,vaporized et cetera et al ad nauseum.Pretty classy of Michigan to impose such severe and appropriate penalties in these days of political/athletic correctness polluting much of the media.Solid Brass, Blue & Maize, Solid Brass, Wolverines!No, they didn't win the championship, but they did play in the championship game in 1993 against North Carolina and lost because of the famous time-out called by Chris Webber that they didn't have. No, but they played in the championship game twice. Lost to Duke by 40 in '92 and North Carolina in '93. No, they had the team to do it, because they had Jalen Rose, Chris Webber and they had Juwan Howard, but it takes more than just pure talent to win the championship. The other team wanted the championship more than the Fab 5. No, Michigan lost to the University of North Carolina in the 1993 Championship game. Some believe this victory was due to the ill fated time out called by Chris Webber. Unfortunatley U of M was out of timeouts, thus resulting in a technical foul.Webber was fortunate to get away with a travel while inbounding the ball. However, even without the timeout, Carolina was in a great position. Not only did they have a two point lead, they had Webber trapped in the corner with fouls to give.The 1993 Carolina team was hungry. Also, FYI: Carolina had the original Fab Five (as some called it)however, one player transfered between his freshman and sophmore season. No. They played in the NCAA Championship in 1992 and lost to Duke by 40 points. They also played in 1993 and lost to North Carolina. But, if Chris Webber and the rest wouldn't have gone to the NBA Draft they probably would have won in 1994 and 1995. But, this can be said for many college basketball teams.Bye the way, a quintet means five people, not threeJust so you know, the "Fab Five" consisted of Juwan Howard at Center, Chris Webber at Power Forward, Ray Jackson and Jimmy King at the 2 and 3, and Jalen Rose playing the Point.** But, if I remember right, the guy did say "Jalen Rose, Juwaan Howard and Chris Webber were the best known of the quintet.", so I quess I'd just better learn to comprehend what I read a little bit better.Wow, do I feel like Chris Webber must have felt? You betcha!Nope... they sure didnt. As a matter of fact, all banners, jerseys, etc. from the Fab 5 era can't even be hung up in their facilites because of some scandals that happened.In 1992, Duke beat them by 20, not 40. The score was 71-51.

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