Why is soccer awesome?

Updated: 9/28/2023
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The action is more understandable - the play continues on without endless delays and such. What takes 60 minutes in soccer takes 3 hours in football.

Also the currency of the scoring is worth so much versus other sports because it happens less often. If someone nets in Basketball, so what? There will be another one just around the corner. However if someone scores a goal in soccer, that is a major event and can be a powerful and emotional moment, especially in a big game.

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Soccer is a very cardio healthy game. There is a lot more running involved than with many other sports. It also helps fine tune motor skills, and teaches teamwork. Soccer is a difficult game to play when you don't cooperate with other team members.

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Cardiovascular fitness. Rapid nonstop game play. Dynamic player structuring and interplay on field. High degree of competition. FUN

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Q: Why is soccer awesome?
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