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no...awesome squared = soccer

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Q: Soccer world cup end date equals soccer?
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What exact date did Robert Kane invent soccer?

He didn't. Soccer has been played for hundreds of years.

How many times has new zealand won the soccer world cup?

They have not won at all to date

What date did Robert Kane invent soccer?

the date that robert kane invent soccer is when he had sex with you. you too did it to hard and he likes to suck your boobs a lot

Who is the greatest Turkish soccer player of all time?

To date, Hakan Sukur is the most accomplished and greatest soccer player.

Will Justin Bieber date a soccer player?

yes he will

Where can one find news on MLS soccer?

One can find news regarding MLS soccer through many web sites. The official MLS Soccer website provides up to date soccer news daily. New sites such as Yahoo News and MSN News also offer sports sections that include MLS soccer updates.

Will Josh Hutcherson date soccer players?

Well, he says he likes soccer, but obviously it depends on not whether you play soccer but if you're nice and fun to be around. And anyway, he's mine, so too bad.

How do you become the best soccer player ever?

The best soccer player till the date is Lionel Messi.He is humble,fast and incredible goalscorer.

Where online can someone find up to date information on score for US Soccer?

Many, if not all, sports broadcast companies in the US have a section dedicated to soccer. The ESPN website has a section where one can look at all the scores from the MLS (Major League Soccer, which is an American soccer league.

Should you date a soccer player?

Oh yes you can date a footballer any day.

What was the guy named the one who inveted soccer?

It isn't known. Some resources date soccer (well a form of the game) back to 217 A.D.

Will Niall Horan date girls who play soccer?


What are the stats for the Real Salt Lake soccer team?

The Real Salt Lake Soccer team was founded in the year of 2004. Current up-to-date stats for the Real Salt Lake Soccer team is total points being 222 and the Top Soccer player is Robbie Findley with 29 goals.

What is the date soccer was invented?

2 century,205,july 6.

WHAT DATE did they invent soccer?

"football" is a really ancient sport and was invented as far as 3000 years ago, but the soccer that we play today began taking shape in 1863

What was the date of the first soccer game played at?

Type your answer here... in 1865 at europe

How many times have south Africa won the world cup?

The World Cup is the top prize of International Soccer organization FIFA. South Africa has not won the cup to date.

Are nice gifts a good way to start a date with a girl?

It can be but you would then have to choose something that they like and not just what you like so for example if she likes soccer than give her a soccer ball or cleats.

How do you keep the squads on Pro Evolution Soccer up to date?

go on edit player

What was Chelsea's latest soccer match?

2/4/2011 (Date/Moth/Year)

What is the cut off date u12 schoolboys soccer?

This would depend on the league the player plays in.

Where can one find a listing of soccer matches to be aired on FOX?

When looking for a listing of soccer matches to be aired on FOX, there are a variety of websites that provide this information online. These include the official "Fox Sports" website which contains a comprehensive "Soccer Channel" section, providing viewers with the most up-to-date schedule information.

Soccer is how old?

There is no exact date for soccer because there was different types of it. The first recorded, though was in 2nd and 3rd centuries B.C in Asia it was known as "Cuju". But people argue that it was in Europe in the 1800s. Now you decide where it was.

Which country's soccer team has won the FIFA World Cup most times?

Brazil, with five titles. Brazil is also the only country remaining that has participated in every FIFA World Cup to date.

Can you still sign up for soccer if the registration date is 3 days ago?

Yes and no. You could if you are able to talk to the person/coach running the program to see if you could get in, but otherwise, you can't sign up for soccer anymore.