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The Basketball is made of an outer coating surrounding an inner rubber bladder. The leather outside is normally on an indoor-only ball and is easily ruined if used outside. There are indoor/outdoor composite balls that are designed for recreational use.

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a football is made out of rubber to make it more easy to grip and it wont slip out of your hands

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Better friction between a rubber sole (compared to a leather sole) is important to prevent players slipping and injuring themselves during the game.

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Q: Why is leather plastic and a rubber bladder used to make a basketball?
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Why does leather bounce?

A leather basketball has a inner rubber bladder which is inflated with air.

Does leather affect the bounce of a basketball?

The leather is put on the basketball for grip, wear and tear, and consistency. The bounce of the ball comes from the rubber bladder that the leather is surrounding. Air pressure and the quality of the ball effect it's bounce more than the leather.

Is a rubber basketball beatter then a leather basketball?

A leather basketball is better than a rubber ball but if your playing outside the ground ruins the leather so a rubber ball is better when you are playing outside

What different kinds of material are basketballs made out of?

The inside of a basketball is made of rubber, and the outside is made of leather or synthetic leather. Its physical properties are that it is hollow and spherical when inflated.

What is a Football soccer ball made of?

Soccer balls Originally it was made from an inflated pigs bladder with a leather casing. Nowadays the pigs bladder has been replaced by a rubber balloon. Although leather is still a common material for the exterior, the top balls are made from a variety of synthetic leathers, plastics and latex in order to provide a good shape and to create a ball that swerves and can be controlled easily by the players.

What kind of leather is on a basketball?

There are 3 types of material used on a basketball:1. Leather 2. Composite/Synthetic Leather3. Rubber

What are the materials to make shoes?

Leather, Rubber, Plastic.

What were soccer balls made of in the early days of soccer?

In early times it was made from a pigs bladder then it evolved into a solid leather ball. Then to a rubber balloon covered in leather to what it is today which is a mixture of plastic and lether with no seem but glued in order to prevent the leakage of air and leather.

What are the materials used to make shoes?

leather, rubber, and plastic

Where can i find a graph of basketball history?

---- chinaaaaaa5 ---- 4 ---- 3 leather basketball ---- 2 rubber basketball ---- 1 ---- 0 ---- == ==

Does a leather basketball make more noise than a rubber one?


What material are beats by Dr Dre made of?

Beats by Dr. Dre are made of plastic, metal, rubber, and leather.