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Q: Does a leather basketball make more noise than a rubber one?
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Why is leather plastic and a rubber bladder used to make a basketball?

The basketball is made of an outer coating surrounding an inner rubber bladder. The leather outside is normally on an indoor-only ball and is easily ruined if used outside. There are indoor/outdoor composite balls that are designed for recreational use.

What materials do you need to make shoes?

leather rubber soles laces leather

What materials were originally used to make basketball?

The first purpose-built basketballs were made from panels of leather stitched together with a rubber bladder inside.

What are the materials to make shoes?

Leather, Rubber, Plastic.

What are the materials used to make shoes?

leather, rubber, and plastic

Why is rubber used to make a basketball?

So it bounces

What process does rubber undergo to make it a basketball?

oil and soap

How do i make rubber basketball earrings?

Get a basketball and a shrink machine then use glue to attach to ear

What materials are needed to make a car?

Metal,rubber leather,wood iron

What materials are used to make a football?

rubber iner tube sourounded by leather laced up with lw=eather straps Pigskin, air, leather, and rubber, sometimes string or rubber for laces. Actually the fooball is made out of leather made from cowhide and a plastic balloon to hold in the air.

What materials were used to make the penny farthing?

Mostly steel, leather for the saddle, rubber for the tires.

What happens when you try to walk on a smooth polish surface wearingbrand new shoes?

Depends on the surface of your sole on the shoe. Polished leather or rough rubber-sole! Leather: You slip. Rubber brobably make marks on the surface

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