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Q: Why doesn't your CR 250 kick start move free and no compression?
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Can the receiving team advance a on side kick if it doesnt go 10 yards?

is there a flag on a free kick if it doesnt travel 10yards

Ktm 620sx 2000 four stroke won't start and hard to kick?

Is it hard to kick or no matter how many times you kick it wont start? If the second choice is whats happening my guess is low compression. Maybe a compression test and or valve adjustment is in order if you have good fuel and a clean air filter and good spark. My 2000 ktm 400 would not kick start at all only push start. I had very low compression because of worn rings. If you can push the kick starter with your hand and not using the compression release this is your problem.

Why is my Yamaha blaster easy to kick but wont start?

probably dont have any compression. take spark plug out and put your thumb over the plug hole as you try to kick start it. if no air shoots out then its a compression problem

How do you kick start a 1982 Honda XR500R?

Put the choke in the full choke position. Hold the compression release in, twist the throttle fully open and kick the kick starter 8 times. move the choke to the half choke position and kick the kick starter 2 times with the throttle closed move the kick starter so that you are at the compression point at the bottom of the kick starter stroke and then use the compression release to move the kick starter just past the bottom (full compression) position kick the kick starter from the top all the way through the compression stroke. This will usually start the bike in 1 to 2 kicks, Note: using this method, you do not have to "stand" on the kick starter. If you have enough momentum from the top of the kick stroke, you will have a very easy time of it.

How do you start a semi automatic kick start dirt bike?

1990-1993 models: Hold Compression release in. Kick 5-6 times NO throttle. Then, still holding compression release, kick 5-6 times FULL throttle. Let off Compression release and slowly kick until it pops out, return to top of kick stroke and kick full. Starts mine the first time every time!

What could be wrong when your 1989 cr 125 will not kick start yet there is compression but will push start but then will bogg out until it stops running?

Sounds like you are low on compression. should be 120-130 psi>

Can you punt in the place of a kickoff?

No. A kick following a score or to start either half has to be taken as a free kick.

If when you kick start a kx125 01 and the kick starter is really soft to kick but it turns on fine and runs fine what it could it mean could it mean it may need a new piston or has low compression?

It could mean low comp.But a 125 has very little compression and a very short stroke.Gearing ratio is a lot less also for the kick to be easy.

What has happened when my kick starter is not getting any compression?

If your kick starter is not getting any compression, you probably pulled the spark plug.

250 yzf WHY IS IT hard to kick start?

If it is new because the bike has full compression if it is old its good because it still has good comperssion

My car can not kick over what is it?

Could be a multitude of things and is a process of elimination to determine the cause. Check for fuel, spark, then compression in that order to start with.

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