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Q: Why do you think Jackie Robinson wanted to share his experience with the public?
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Why did Jackie Robinson want to share his experience with the public?

because he wanted to teach a moral and show that anybody can play baseball it doesn't matter the color :)

What did Jackie Robinson want?

He wanted to end segregation

What did Jackie Robinson wanted to?

His underwear. On a daily basis.

Why did Jackie Robinson join the NAACP?

Because He Wanted to

Did Jackie Robinson know what he wanted to be when he was little?

he always wanted to be a baseball player

Did Jackie Robinson know what he wanted to become in the future?


Why was Jackie Robinson an insperation?

Because he had integrity and courage to do whatever he wanted to do.

When was the Jackie Robinson Foundation started?

The Jackie Robinson Foundation was founded by Jackie's wife, Rachel Robinson, in 1973. After Jackie Robinson passed away in 1972, Rachel Robinson wanted to honor her husband's memories and perpetuate his dreams through this non-profit organization. The Foundation's purpose is to provide higher education opportunities and leadership skills to needy African-American students.

Why do you think Robinson wanted to share his experience with the public?

Robinson likely wanted to share his experience to raise awareness about the challenges faced by African Americans in society at that time. By sharing his story, he may have hoped to inspire others to push for greater equality and advocate for civil rights. Additionally, sharing his experience could help educate the public and encourage dialogue on race relations.

Why was Jackie Robinson interested in baseball?

Jackie Robinson was interested I baseball because it took her mind of stress and it made her think she escaped the real world and wanted to be herself if you suckers out there think this is true then your so stupid she liked it because of her boyfriend

What were some of Jackie Robinson's jobs prior to becoming a baseball player?

He also wanted to study to be a mechanic or have something to do with technology stuff

How is Jackie Robinson compared to Martin Luther King Jr?

They both had a dream, they both wanted succesion for their dreams. They needed to succeed in what they believed was right.