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Jackie Robinson was interested I Baseball because it took her mind of stress and it made her think she escaped the real world and wanted to be herself if you suckers out there think this is true then your so stupid she liked it because of her boyfriend

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Jackie Robinson was an African American, and at that time Blacks were not allowed to play in the MLB.

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Q: Why was Jackie Robinson interested in baseball?
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What was Jackie Robinson's interests?

Jackie Robinsonwas interested in join the Major League Baseball

What jackie robinson did?

Jackie Robinson played baseball and was in the baseball hall of fame.

What did Jackie Robinson do instead of baseball?

Jackie robinson went into the Army before baseball.

Did Jackie Robinson quit baseball?

Jackie Robinson did not quit baseball he got old and then he retired

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What did Jackie Robinson do for the US?

Jackie Robinson is most known for being the first African American baseball player in major league baseball. Jackie Robinson played for the Brooklyn Dodgers.

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What baseball player became a national hero?

Baseball player Jackie Robinson became a national hero. He was a famous baseball player.

Which sports did Jackie Robinson play?

Jackie Robinson played football, baseball, track, tennis and basketball.

When did Jackie Robinson get inducted into the National Baseball Hall of Fame?

Jackie Robinson got inducted in 1962.