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Michael Vick went into dogfighting because he was born in the ghetto and he never got away from it. in his neighborhood, dogfighting was the main sport, even though it WA-+s underground. when Vick became a star in the nfl, his friends from the hood were like, yo dawg, u going to leave us to dry when u got all this bling and ladies on us? so Vick helped his friends in the only thing that they knew how to do.... doggfighting. so then little mike was like this is fun dawgs, so he started killing dogs that weren't up to par.

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Q: Why did Michael Vick participate in dog fighting?
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When did Michael Vick start dog fighting?

In April 2007, Vick was in an illegal dog fighting ring

Who is the quarterback who got arrested for dog fighting charges?

Michael Vick

What quarterback was sent to prison for dog fighting?

Michael Vick

Is Michael Vick going to jail?

Yes he is for illegal dog fighting

What did Michael Vick do to get arressted?

He got caught with pot and he got caught dog fighting

How did Michael Vick start dogfighting?

He operated a dog fighting ring for 5 years.

What is Michael Vick career earnings?

At the beginning of the 2014 season, Michael Vick will have made about $100 million in his career. Since his conviction for dog fighting and prison sentence he lost all endorsement contract.

Can someone get into trouble for hosting dog fighting competitions?

Oh yes, loads of it. All I should have to say is Michael Vick. Yes. They can. They can go to jail. MICHEAL VICK

What football players are involved in the illegal dog fighting scandal?

Michael Vick is the only one so far. that we know of. hopefully no one else will be dumb enough.

What causes dog cruelty?

Michael Vick

What did Michael Vick actually go to prison for?

Michael Vick committed the crime of dog fighting a while ago and was just recently released and was signed by the eagles as the temporary quarterback. He did good his first season so most likely he will be name the permanet quarterback

Michael Vick in Madden 2010?

Michael Vick started a MASSIVE undercover dog fighting operation which destroyed the lives of many pitbulls. He watched and organised the fights. He bred and trained the dogs to fight and be ferocious. He even killed some dogs that were not determined enough or willing enough for dog fighting. SICK SICK MAN.