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why not

don't know but its in the rules and the rules r there to guide u or else they wouldn't be there

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Q: Why can't you walk and dribble in a basketball game?
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What are some common rules in basketball and soccer?

in basketball you can't walk with the ball, dribble with 2 hands at the same time, and dribble stop and dribble again. In soccer u can't use your hands unless u r goalie, and in both don't foul them

Can a basketball coach walk onto the court while the game is in process?

No not really the COACH cant only if he blew the whistle.

What a is a person who talks a big game?

someone who can talk the talk but cant walk the walk

When do you establish a pivot foot in basketball?

If you get the ball or stop your dribble and pick up or move one foot, the foot that stays still is your pivot foot. If you were to pick up your pivot foot it is a walk.

Why do you need to dribble the ball in basketball?

You exert a downward force onto the ball, and because it is rubber, it will bounce back up to you. Do this repetitively, and you will be dribbling a basketball. (YOu know you are doing it correctly if the ball is going UP and DOWN!)

Why is the US is the best in basketball?

The game was invented here, and is played by children as soon as they can walk.

How do you walk through walls in Pokemon emerald?

u cant unless u get game shark at a game convention or sumfin

Is their any cheatcodes in Pokemon ranger shadows of almia?

No you cant. How about searching the walk though for the game on youtub

You cant walk through walls on the game Pokemon leaf green?

Yes You Can Just use gameshark

How do dragonflies walk?

they cant walk

If a basketball coach is throwed out of the game and her and her players walk off the court does the other team win and can a parent come and take her place and coach the rest of the game?

No, it means you forfeit the whole game and you lose

What are 10 rules for basketball?

10 rules of basketball: 1. You cant run with the ball that is called TRAVEL but you can pivot which means you can move one foot but the other foot cant move, you can imagine it like there is a nail in one foot nailed to the ground so it cant move 2.You dribble, but only with one hand, if you dribble with 2 it is called DOUBLE DRIBBLE 3.You cant dribble and then stop and then dribble again that is also called DOUBLE DRIBBLE 4. You cant stay in the key for longer than 3 seconds that is called a KEY VIOLATION 5. If you are passing in on the baseline you have to pass in within 5 seconds 6. You can't slap, punch, push or be violent that is called a FOUL 7. You cant wear jewellery or watches because they can get caught 8.Nails mustn't be long as they can get caught to. 9. A tech foul can be called if you or coach or spectators argue with the referees decision 10. An intentional foul can be called if you intended to foul the opposition and maybe even hurt them.