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in Basketball you can't walk with the ball, dribble with 2 hands at the same time, and dribble stop and dribble again. In soccer u can't use your hands unless u r goalie, and in both don't foul them

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Q: What are some common rules in basketball and soccer?
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Soccer is the most popular sport in Chad. Basketball is also common in some places in Chad but mostly it is Soccer -Keke M.

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some rules in basketball are Back-court violation, Traveling, Goaltending, Out of bounds, Shot clock violation

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The basic rules of basketball is violation, double dribble, offense, and defense. They are containing with basketball.

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Click on the 'NBA Rules' link on this page to see the rules and regulations of the National Basketball Association.

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i know soccer is one basketball aswell

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people love soccer and thats it Below link

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