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The way your foot hits it and where are big reasons. Focus on locking your ankle and striking through the center of the ball if you want to get rid of the bend. If you practice hitting the ball with different parts of your foot (i.e. outside or inside) on different spots on the ball you will be able to curve it.

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i dnt kno?

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Q: Why are soccer balls curved when air is added?
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How do soccer balls fly through the air?

The soccer balls pressure rebounds off of your foot then through the air!!!!!

What is the difference between the normal air filled soccer balls and the international league soccer balls?

a air filled is air filled and and international is sticky

What is pumped into professional soccer balls?

Air. Imagine that.

Why do soccer balls Float?

Soccer balls never really float but they do stay in the air for a short period of time. This is mainly due to the compressed air inside the a ball.

The curved paths followed by balls B and C are examples of?

The curved paths followed by balls B and C are examples of projectile motion, where an object is launched into the air and moves under the influence of gravity.

How do soccer balls hold their air?

Usually they have a airtight seal and can withstand the powerful kicks of profesional soccer players.

Do golf balls fly farther at higher elevation?

well yes a soccer ball with more air will go further than a soccer ball with no air

How many pounds of air do you put in a soccer ball?

Regulation soccer balls require between 8.5 and 15.6 PSI. Most balls will have a recommended pressure printed near the valve.

Do they put helium in soccer balls?

No, soccer balls are filled with ordinary air If they were filled with helium, they would float into the skyHelium filled soccer balls would certainly not "fly into the sky"! The difference in mass of an air filled ball and one filled with helium would be but a few grams! But the helium (having a much smaller molecule than those that comprise air) would leak out of the bladder more quickly. In addition Helium is much more expensive than compressed air.

The curved path followed by balls Beach and c are examples of what?

The curved path followed by balls Beach and C are examples of projectile motion, which is a type of motion where an object is thrown or projected into the air and moves in a curved path under the influence of gravity. This type of motion can be described by the horizontal and vertical components of the object's velocity and acceleration.

Do soccer balls burst?

Yes technically soccer balls can and do burst. There is a rubber bladder inside every soccer ball which is made of latex or butyl rubber. Function of this bladder is to hold air inside the soccer ball, some time this bladder is bursted thus loosing all the air in the soccer ball and make it unplayable ans considered to be bursted even though its outer shell is still intact.

When was Curved Air created?

Curved Air was created in 1969.