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The soccer balls pressure rebounds off of your foot then through the air!!!!!

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Q: How do soccer balls fly through the air?
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Why were soccer balls invented?

The leather or synthetic material soccer balls were invented to fly straighter, to be lighter and to be bouncier than the earlier balls which were pigs bladders.

Why do golf balls have craters on them?

They are called dimples and make the ball aerodynamic and allow it to fly through the air.

Do they put helium in soccer balls?

No, soccer balls are filled with ordinary air If they were filled with helium, they would float into the skyHelium filled soccer balls would certainly not "fly into the sky"! The difference in mass of an air filled ball and one filled with helium would be but a few grams! But the helium (having a much smaller molecule than those that comprise air) would leak out of the bladder more quickly. In addition Helium is much more expensive than compressed air.

What can you put in a soccer ball so that it can fly higther when you kick it?

More air

What are the release dates for They Fly Through the Air - 1952?

They Fly Through the Air - 1952 was released on: USA: 4 October 1952

What do you use to move through air?

you fly

Do bingo balls have helium in them?

No otherwise they wold fly up into the air when u let them go

What is another word to move through the air?


Why do tennis players inspect the balls before serving?

Players inspect the balls in order to see which has the least wear on it in order to serve with it. The balls fly faster through the air when the material is still quite compacted, but will be slower when they are fluffier. They can gain an advantage on serve when the ball travels faster, just the same as when they serve with new balls.

What is the three letter word to move through the air?


What is the three letter word for to move through to the air?


Why do rugby balls fly so well?

The shape of the ball is aerodynamic which helps with its flight. Added to this is the fact that players learn to spin the ball as well which improves its ability to cut through the air.

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