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New York Giants who have worn #74 since 1950:

Don Ettinger 1950

Billy Shipp 1954

Art Hauser 1959

Lou Cordileone 1960

Jim Moran 1964-1967

Roger Davis 1965

Mike Bundra 1965

Tim McCann 1969

Dennis Crane 1970

Dave Roller 1971

John Hicks 1974-1977

Jim Krahl 1978

Tom Neville 1979

Chris Linnin 1980

Tim Stokes 1981

Rich Baldinger 1982-1983

Charles Cook 1983

Erik Howard 1986-1994

Russell Mitchell 1987

Scott Gragg 1995-1999

Chris Zieman 2000

Ian Allen 2002-2003

Dwayne Hendricks 2011

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Hall-of-Fame linebacker Harry Carson (1976-88) is the greatest player to have worn number 53 for the New York Giants, while Pro Bowl center Greg Larson (1961-73) would rank as the second best. Others include center/linebacker John Rapacz (1950-54), center Lance Scott (1997-98), linebacker Brandon Short (2000-03), linebacker Reggie Torbor (2005-07), linebacker Bryan Kehl (2008-09), linebacker Keith Bulluck (2010) and linebacker Greg Jones (2011).

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Reserve linebacker Andy Headen wore number 54 for the Giants in the 1980's.

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Lawrence Taylor

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Jim Burt

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Q: Who wore jersey NUMBER 64 on the giants TEAM?
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Burress Wore 17

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Mel Ott wore number 4 for the New York Giants baseball team. His number was retired in 1948.

Who wore jersey number 81 on the 1962 New York Giants?

Andy Robustelli

How many players wore the jersey number eighty for the New York Giants?


What nyg player wore jersey 30?

Ernie Wheelwright, a reserve fullback for the Giants in 1964 and 1965, wore number 30.

Which New York Giants players have worn jersey number 27?

Rodney Hampton, and Steve Thurlow are former starting running backs who wore number 27 for the Giants. Present starting running back (as of 2007) Brandon Jacobs now wears this number for the Giants.

What players wore jersey number 94 for the New York Giants?

Zeke Mowatt, for one.

Who wore the jersey number 72 for the NY Giants?

Currently, guard Chris Snee wears #76 for the Giants.

Rivaldo wore what jersey number during his time with the spanish team Barcelona?

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Who wore number 64 with the San Francisco Giants or New York Giants baseball team?

Pitcher Manny Aybar wore No. 64 during the 2002 season.

Which NY Giant player wore jersey number 76 in 1984?

DL Curtis McGriffMcGriff wore #76 for the Giants between 1980-1985.

What former All-Pro corner back wore number 49 for the Giants?

Jimmy Norris of New Jersey