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Burress Wore 17

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Q: Who wore jersey number 18 for the New York Giants before Burress?
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Did Plaxico Burress ever wear the number 18 while signed with the NY Giants. I saw a Reebok jersey in a thrift store last week and was wondering if he did...?

No burress only wore number 17

Who was it that left the steelers to join the giants because he wanted to be the number 1?

Pleico Burress.

Plaxico Burress wore this number during the preseason of his rookie year before switching to?


What is Lionel messi's jersey number?

Lionel Messis jersey number for the Spanish giants Barcelona is number 10, as it was formerly worn by Ronoldhino.

Who finished the 2003 season second on the Steelers with 60 receptions for 860 yards and four touchdowns?

Plaxico Burress wears number 17 for the New York Giants.

What was Larry Csonka New York Giants jersey number?


What New York Giants have had 80 as a jersey number?

victor cruz

What player for the New York Giants has the number 46 jersey?

Larry Donnell

Which New York Giants players have worn jersey number 27?

Rodney Hampton, and Steve Thurlow are former starting running backs who wore number 27 for the Giants. Present starting running back (as of 2007) Brandon Jacobs now wears this number for the Giants.

Who wore jersey number 81 on the 1962 New York Giants?

Andy Robustelli

Christy Mathewson's jersey number for the giants?

numbers were not used back in the days that he played

Which New York Giants players have worn jersey number 5?

lester borden