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Tim Tebow (2), sam bradford, mark ingram

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Luck, Newton, Ingram, Bradford.

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Q: Who were the last 4 winners of the Heisman Trophy?
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What college coach was the only one to coach 4 Heisman Trophy winners?

Frank Leahy of Notre Dame. The Heisman winners were Angelo Bertelli in 1943, Johnny Lujack in 1947, Leon Hart in 1949, and Johnny Lattner in 1953.

Who was last years Heisman Trophy winner?

Sam Bradford from Oklahoma won the Heisman Trophy in 2008.

What state has the most Heisman winners born in that state?

Oklahoma with 4

How many Heisman Trophy winners came from big 12 conference?

Four. 1998 Ricky Williams, Texas; 2001 Eric Crouch, Nebraska; 2003 Jason White, Oklahoma, 2008 Sam Bradford, Oklahoma. There have been 4 Heisman Trophy winners from The Big 12 conference: Ricky Williams-Texas Longhorns 1998, Eric Crouch-Nebraska Cornhuskers 2001, Jason White-Oklahoma Sooners 2003, Sam Bradford-Oklahoma Sooners 2008

In what city do they present the Heisman Trophy?

Omaha, NE

How many Heisman Trophy winners are there from USC?

Seven players from USC have won the Heisman Trophy: 1) 1965 - Mike Garrett, RB 2) 1968 - O.J. Simpson, RB 3) 1979 - Charles White, RB 4) 1981 - Marcus Allen, RB 5) 2002 - Carson Palmer, QB 6) 2004 - Matt Leinart, QB 7) 2005 - Reggie Bush, RB

Did any Heisman Trophy winners also win MVP for a Super Bowl?

As of the 2007 season, four Heisman Trophy winners have also been named Super Bowl MVP: Roger Staubach: 1963 Heisman, Super Bowl VI MVP Jim Plunkett: 1970 Heisman, Super Bowl XV MVP Marcus Allen: 1981 Heisman, Super Bowl XVIII MVP Desmond Howard: 1991 Heisman, Super Bowl XXXI MVP

4 Heisman Trophy winners have also been super bowl mvp's who was the most recent?

Marcus Allen (1981-USC) Super Bowl XVII with the Los Angelos Raiders

What school has the greatest all-time football team?

#1 Michigan - 11 NC titles, 40+ Conference titles 1947 Michigan team considered one of the greatest of all time. #2 Notre Dame - 11 NC Titles No Conference 7 Heisman winners 1947 Notre dame team considered one of the greatest teams of all time. #3 USC - 11 NC Titles 35+ Conference titles, 7 Heisman winners #4 Ohio State - 7 NC Titles, 35 Conference Titles, 7 Heisman winners, 36 total award winners, 178 All Americans. #5 Oklahoma - 10 NC Titles, 3 Heisman winners 26 total award winners. #6 Alabama - 12 NC Titles.

How many Heismans trophies has Ohio state won?

Nobody from Ohio University has won the Heisman Trophy, however, players from Ohio State University have won the award seven times: 1) 1944 - Les Horvath, QB 2) 1950 - Vic Janowicz, RB 3) 1955 - Howard Cassady, RB 4) 1974 - Archie Griffin, RB 5) 1975 - Archie Griffin, RB 6) 1995 - Eddie George, RB 7) 2006 - Troy Smith, QB

When the last time arsenal won a trophy?

The last time Arsenal won a trophy was in 2005. They won FA cup by beating Manchester United 5-4 on penalty shootout.

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