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Prior to Cliff Lee in 2008, that was Gaylord Perry who went 21-13 in 1974.

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A few different guys did it in 2008, including Brandon Webb and Cliff Lee who both won 22.

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Q: Who was the last Cleveland Indians pitcher with 20 wins?
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Who was last Cleveland Indians pitcher with 23 wins?

Prior to the 2008 season, that was Gaylord Perry who went 24-16 in 1972.

Who is the Cleveland Indians pitcher with the most wins in a season?

Jim Bagby won 31 games for the Indians in 1920.

How many wins do the Cleveland Indians have in 1995?

The Cleveland Browns had 11 wins in the 1995 season.

What is the most wins in April by a mlb team?

Cleveland Indians - 18 wins

How many wins did the 1954 Cleveland Indians have?

The 1954 Cleveland Indians had 111 regular season wins. They were then swept in 4 straight in the World Series by the New York Giants.

What is MLB Cleveland Indians record this year?

In 2009 65 wins 97 losses.

Which Pitchers had the most wins in 2008?

Brandon Webb of the Arizona Diamondbacks and Cliff Lee of the Cleveland Indians led MLB in wins in 2008 with 22.

Who was the last Giant's pitcher to get 20 or more wins?

That was John Burkett with 22 wins and Bill Swift with 21 wins in the 1993 season.

Which pitcher has the most wins in a season from 1950 on?

In 1968, Detroit's Denny McLain recorded 31 wins; the most by any player since 1950. McLain was the last pitcher to reach 30 wins in a season.

What is the win loss record when the Chicago Cubs play the Cleveland Indians?

In interleague play through the 2012 season, the Cubs and Indians are tied with 7 wins each.

Who played the longest for the Cleveland Indians?

Pitcher Mel Harder who spent 20 seasons (1928-1947) with the Indians. He ended up with career numbers of 223 wins, 186 losses, 3.80 ERA, 181 complete games, 25 shutouts, 3426 1/3 innings pitched, 1118 walks, and 1161 strikeouts. Hall of Fame pitcher Bob Feller (1936-1941, 1945-1956) is second with 18 seasons in an Indians uniform.

What are the five winningest seasons by a MLB team?

116 wins - 1906 Chicago Cubs and 2001 Seattle Mariners 114 wins - 1998 New York Yankees 111 wins - 1954 Cleveland Indians