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thomas steen

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peter stastny 1985 ?

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Q: Who was the first European born NHL captain?
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Who was the first European to be chosen first in the NHL Draft?

It was Swedish player Mats Sundin , drafted by Quebec Nordiques in 1989. Sundin is currently captain of the Toronto maple Leafs.

Who was the first captain of the Vancouver Canucks in their first year in the NHL?

orland kurtenbach

What is Zdeno Chara best known for?

He is know for being the tallest player ever to play in the NHL. He is also the second European born and trained captain to win the Stanley Cup. He is really good.

Who was the first captain for the Edmonton Oilers?

Al Hamilton served as the Oilers' first captain from 1972-76 while members of the WHA. Ron Chipperfield was their first captain upon joining the NHL in 1979.

Who was the first captain of the NHL's Cleveland Barons?

Jim Neilson and Bob Stewart, 1976-78 (co-captains)

What is the letter A that NHL players are wearing on their uniforms?

C- Captain A- Assistant Captain

Is Zach Parise Italian?

No Zach Parise is French Canadian he was born in Minnesota and is Captain of The New Jersey Devils of the NHL and Alternate Captain for Team USA for re Olympics

How do you become captain in NHL 12?

1. The first way is to trade players over who are captains and they may turn out as captain on your team. 2. Trade away the player who is captain on your team and then you will have a new captain. Unfortunately you can not choose your captain will be although! Hopefully this helped

Who is the Youngest nhl captain ever?

Sidney Crosby

The captain of toronto's NHL hockey is the?

Dion phaneuf

Who is the oldest captain ever in the NHL?

zake tomers

Which NHL team has the most European players?

The Detriot Red Wings. They are one of the few teams to have a European Captain and many of their star players, some you have heard of, play on the Red Wings.They include:Nick LidstromPavel DatsyukNick KronwallHenrik ZetterbergJonathan EricssonTomas Holstrom