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Sidney Crosby

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Q: Who is the Youngest nhl captain ever?
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Who was the youngest captain ever in the NHL?

Gabriel Landeskog of the Colorado Avalanche

Who is the youngest captain in the nhl?

Sidney Crosby who plays for the Pittsburgh Penguins.

Who is the youngest NHL draft pick ever?


Who is the oldest captain ever in the NHL?

zake tomers

Who is the youngest player that have ever played on the NHL history?

Bep Guidolin started in the NHL when he was 16 in 1942.

Was there ever a NHL goalie that was the team captain?

No, it is against the rules to be a goalie and be a captain. A goalie can be an assistant captain, but not a regular captain.

What nhl player was the youngest to be picked as captain?

Gabriel Landeskog who was appointed age of 19 years, 286 days.

Youngest Player to play in the NHL?

Bep Guidolin was the youngest player ever. He was 16 when he made his debut for Boston in 1942-43

Who is the youngest NHL captain to win the Stanely Cup?

Sidney Crosby, Captain of the Pittsburgh Penguins, won his first Stanley Cup 21 years of age.

How old was Sidney Crosby when he won his Stanley cup?

he was 21 he was the youngest captain in NHL history to ever win the Stanley cup his salary is 475 million dollars a year he plays with the Pittsburgh pens

Who is the Youngest Team NHL?

The Tampa Bay Lightning are the youngest team in the NHL but the St.Louis Blues are the best. :-)

How many years was Sidney Crosby on the hockey team before he was Captain?

Sidney Crosby was given the captaincy at the end of his second season in the NHL. He was two months shy of turning 20 years old, making him the youngest captain in NHL history.

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