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Pinckney, E

McClain, D

Pressley, H

McLain, G

Wilbur, D

Jensen, H

Plansky, M

Everson, C

Brown, C

Maker, W

Dawson, V

Pinone, S

Massimino, RC

Harrington, B

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Q: Who was on the roster of the 1985 NCAA champion Villanova Wildcats?
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What is the lowest seed to ever win March Madness?

The 1985 Villanova Wildcats (#8 seed) defeated the defending National Champions Georgetown Hoyas.

What years did Villanova go to NCAA basketball finals?

156 that's how many times they have been to march madness

What are the ratings and certificates for Wildcats and Pipedreams - 1985?

Wildcats and Pipedreams - 1985 is rated/received certificates of: Australia:G

Who coached villanova in 1985?

Chad Goodwin

Who played in 1985 NCAA basketball championship?

villanova georgetown

What years did villanova win the NCAA?

1985. They beat Georgetown.

How many national championships does the Villa Nova mens basketball team have?

The Wildcats men's basketball team of Villanova University has won a single NCAA championship, in 1985. The team has to date been in the tourney 33 times and has made the final four eight of those times.

What is the highest team shooting percentage in a single game in NCAA men's basketball history?

In the 1985 Georgetown vs. Villanova championship game, Villanova set the record by shooting 79% from the field

Who is the lowest seed to win the NCAA men's tournament?

The lowest seed to ever win a game in the tournament was a 16th seed; it happened in 2018 when the University of Maryland - Baltimore County (16th seed in the South) beat the University of Virginia (1st seed in the South) by a score of 74 - 54.

Was there a shot clock during the 1985 championship game between villanova and georgetown?


What year did Villanova pull off its stunning upset against Georgetown?


In 1985 did Villanova win the college basketball tournament as an eight seed?