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Q: In 1985 did Villanova win the college basketball tournament as an eight seed?
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If there are eight teams in a single elimination basketball tournament how many games must the team win to win the tournament?

3 games

How many teams were in the first NCAA men's basketball tournament in 1939?

Eight: Villanova, Brown, Ohio St, Wake Forest, Oregon, Texas, Oklahoma, Utah St Source:

What is the lowest seed to play for the NCAA mens basketball championship game?

There has been two number eight seeds (the lowest seeds) to make it to the title game: * UCLA in 1980 and *Villanova in 1985 Villanova won the national championship that year

What is the farthest that the University of Missouri mens basketball team ever went in the NCAA Tournament?

The University of Missouri men's basketball team has made it to the Elite Eight four times to date.

How far did IU mens basketball team advance in 1975?

The 1974-75 Indiana University basket ball team advanced to the final eight in the 1975 NCAA basketball tournament.

How many seconds do you have to get the basketball across half court in professional basketball?

Eight seconds, as opposed to ten seconds in college ball.

How many teams played in the original NCAA Mens Basketball Tournament?

From 1939-1950 eight teams played, in 1952 it was doubled to sixteen

Has Ohio University ever won the NCAA basketball tournament?

No they have not. The closest they've ever gotten to winning it all was in 1964 when they made it to the Elite Eight.

How many national championships does the Villa Nova mens basketball team have?

The Wildcats men's basketball team of Villanova University has won a single NCAA championship, in 1985. The team has to date been in the tourney 33 times and has made the final four eight of those times.

When was the first basketball tournament held?

The first NCAA men's basketball tournament was held in 1939 with the first NCAA tournament championship game held at Northwestern on March 27, 1939. Only eight teams competed in two regions. Oregon defeated Ohio State in the championship game, and the West region held a third-place game. Enjoy! By: AS

How many teams played in the 1939 NCAA tournament?

Eight teams took part in the 1939 NCAA Men's Division I basketball tournament. Oregon won the title and Ohio State was the runner-up. It was the first title game for both schools.

How many teams make the big 12 tournament?

In the current version of the Big 12 Conference Basketball Tournament, all 10 teams in the league qualify for the postseason bracket. The top six teams get a bye, and teams ranked 7-10 play in the first round. From the second round on, it is an eight team tournament.

How many teams were in the first NCAA championship?

The first NCAA Division I basketball tournament was held in 1939 and consisted of eight teams: Brown Ohio State Villanova Wake Forest Oklahoma Oregon Texas Utah State In the finals, Oregon defeated Ohio State 46-33.

What are facts about the United Center?

Since opening, the United Center has hosted over 200 events each year. Some of the events the United Center has been proud to host include the 1996 Democratic National Convention, The Rolling Stones, Eric Clapton, Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band, Paul McCartney, U2, The Who, The 3 Tenors, Ringling Brothers and Barnum & Bailey Circus, Disney on Ice, the Big Ten Men's Basketball Tournament, the Men's NCAA Basketball Tournament, the Great Eight Classic, Illinois College Basketball, and Champions on Ice.

What are basketball timings?

Basketball timings vary. In high school varsity games, the game is separated into four eight minutes quarters. In college there are two twenty minute halves. It all depends.

How many teams played for the NCAA in the first year of March Madness?

The first NCAA Division I basketball championship tournament was played in 1939 and consisted of eight teams: Brown Oklahoma Wake Forest Utah State Texas Villanova Oregon Ohio State In the championship game, Oregon defeated Ohio State 46-33.

What is the name for the fourth round in the March Madness tournament?

The Elite Eight.

What degree will you get after eight years of college?

You will get a Doctoral degree (Ph.D) after eight years of college.

When was Big Eight Conference Men's Basketball Player of the Year created?

Big Eight Conference Men's Basketball Player of the Year was created in 1957.

When did Big Eight Conference Men's Basketball Player of the Year end?

Big Eight Conference Men's Basketball Player of the Year ended in 1996.

How any can there be in a game of basketball?

minimum of eight

What school has been to the NCAA basketball tournament most?

As of the 75th tournament (2013), for which Kentucky failed to receive a bid, Kentucky has appeared in 52 of the tournaments. This is eight more appearances than the school with the second-mostappearances: North Carolina, which made its 44th appearance in the 2013 tourney.

How many baseball teams compete in the Olympic Games tournament?

Eight teams.

How many times has the Texas Longhorns basketball team been in the national tournament?

Texas Longhorns Men's Basketball28 NCAA Tournament Appearances 13 Sweet Sixteen Appearances7 Elite Eight Appearances3 Final Four Appearances0 National Championship AppearancesTexas Longhorns Women's Basketball23 NCAA Tournament Appearances 12 Sweet Sixteen Appearances8 Elite Eight Appearances3 Final Four Appearances1 National Championship Appearance (won, 1985-1986 season)

How many championships does Tennessee women have in basketball?