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The first black player to play top level football in Britain was Andrew Watson. The son of a Scottish sugar planter Peter Miller and a local girl Rose Watson, he was born in Georgetown, British Guiana in 1857. Watson was sent to England to be educated at Halifax Grammar School and Rugby College before enrolling at Glasgow University in 1875 to study Philosophy, Mathematics and Civil Engineering.

Andrew Watson was a talented player and joined Queen's Park, at the time, the best club in Scotland. He also became club secretary and led his team to several Scottish Cup wins. On 12th March 1881 Watson won his first international cap when he played as right-back for Scotland against England. He was captain and led his country to a 6-1 victory. Two days later he played in the team that beat Wales 5-1. The following year he won his third cap when Scotland beat England 5-1.

Watson sacrificed his international career when he moved to England in 1882. The Scottish Football Association refused to select men who played football outside Scotland. Watson joined London Swifts and in 1882 he became the first black man to play in the FA Cup. In 1884 he joined the elite amateur club, Corinthians.

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eion jess for aberdeen v dundee

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Bobby Ford

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Q: Who scored the first ever scottish premier league goal?
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