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Q: Who scored against man city after heading the ball out of the goalkeepers hands?
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The goalie may stop the puck with their hands in hokey?

No in hockey goalkeepers can not use their hands.

What muscles do goalkeepers use most?

Most muscles used by the goalkeeper is their eyes and hands.

What are good exercises for goalkeepers?

a good warm up is punching the ball up like keepy ups only with your hands but try to stay in the same spot

How is a goal scored in football?

get the ball into the net without using your hands

When they originally started soccer did they have goalies?

In the form of the game we know today, there has always been goalkeepers, however they didn't wear gloves, so needed strong hands!

Why do football players wear towels as part of their uniform?

To wipe iof their hands when it's raining or snowing or their hands just get sweaty.

How do you protect your hands against callouses when you work out with weights?

The best way to protect against calloused hands is to wear gloves.

Can a goalkeeper score from a kick from his hands?

Yes, goalkeepers are able to score. They are the only players allowed to score with a throw (think Petr Cech and his monstrous throws into the opponent's half).They can also score in regular play. They might make a clearance kick from their own penalty area and score directly; they might come forward to take a penalty; they might move u out of their own half to provide an extra player at a corner kick, especially when the game is near finished and they need the goal.Many keepers have notched up incredible scoring totals; Rogerio Ceni of Brazil scored 89 goals (including 36 penalties), for example.

Can a soccer keeper score a goal directly from a kick out of his hands?

A goal may be a scored directly from a goal keeper punt.

Is it correct to say It was a great game since the winning goal was scored by you?

You can say it was a great game since the winning goal was scored by you. But most people say great game anyway when the match is over as you shake hands.

What rules are there in football?

The rules are that any players can't touch the ball with there hands or there's a penalty. Only the goalkeepers could touch the ball with there hands. Another rule is the you can't injure or hurt anyone or an penalty will apply, the least worse penalty is a free kick for the injured players team,the worst is a red card which sends you off the field. Same for if an player touches the ball,except it's just an free kick. When the ball gets to the penalty box which is the goalkeepers box and penalties the opposite team gets a penalty shot which is 12 feet away fo the goal. :)

Do ridding gloves protect your hands against the elements?