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As of 2010...

Ma'a Nonu (Hurricanes) 10 +1 yellow & 1 Red in 2011

Schalk Burger (Stormers) 5

George Smith (Brumbies) 5

Guthro Stegmann (Bulls) 4

De Wet Barry (Stormers/Bulls)4

Peter Hynes (Reds) 4

Sione Lauaki (Chiefs) 3

Richie McCaw (Crusaders) 3

Jimmy Cowan (Highlanders) 3

Marty Holah (Chiefs) 3

My beloved Hurricanes have the most as a team in S14 history with 34 cards and the Reds are next with 28.

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Q: Who received the most yellow cards in super 14 rugby?
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