Who presented the Carling Cup?

Updated: 12/5/2022
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Q: Who presented the Carling Cup?
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Where is the Carling cup final held?

The Carling cup final will be held at the Wembeley.

Is there a second leg in the carling cup?

In the Carling cup they do not have a second leg match.

When did Chelsea win their first carling cup?

They won their first Carling cup in 1970.

When is the carling cup final in 2011?

Carling cup final is 27th of February at Wembley stadium.

How many times have arsenal won the carling cup?

Arsenal have won the carling cup 102 times

Did west ham win the carling cup?

As they are at the bottom of the E.P.L this year they will not have any chance of winning the Carling cup.

Does the carling cup qualify a team for the europa cup?

Yes. If the winners of the Carling Cup has already qualified for Europe then the place will go to the Premiership.

Who will broad cast carling cup final in India?

BBVA TV has rights for all Carling Cup games in India.

Date of the carling cup semi finals 2009?

06 Wed Carling Cup N Semifinal 1L20 Wed Carling Cup N Semifinal 2L06 January 2010 1L 20 January 2010 2L

Where can i Watch carling cup final 2009?

You can find segments of the Carling cup Final 2009 on Youtube or possibly sports magazines and websites.

Who won the 2011 carling cup?


How many times has west ham won the carling cup?

The Carling Cup is the former name of the current Capital One Cup. West Ham has not won this cup, but finished second place twice.