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Yes. If the winners of the Carling Cup has already qualified for Europe then the place will go to the Premiership.

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Q: Does the carling cup qualify a team for the europa cup?
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Is there a second leg in the carling cup?

In the Carling cup they do not have a second leg match.

How can a team get in the World Cup?

The counyties will have to qualify for the world cup.

When did India qualify for the World Cup?

the team qualified for the 1950 FIFA World Cup (although it did not travel to the tournament in Brazil), maman-

Who was the loudest football team ever at wembley?

It has to be birmingham city fc when they played arsenal at wembley for the 2011 carling cup final. birmingham won 2-1

Can wales qualify for world cup?

No I do not think that they can qualify for the world cup.

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Do carling cup winners qualify for Europe?

Yes , the winning team of the carling cup qualifies for the europa League , unless they are already qualified or in the compertition , if so then the Runners up qualifiy .

Do you qualify for European competitions if you win carling cup?

Yes, the Europa League.

Does winning the FA cup get you into Europe?

No neither do winners or runner ups in the carling cup , can reach the europen championships.

Will Birmingham play in europa league if they win carling cup and are relegated?

Yes Birmingham City will play in the Europa League.

Which award is associated with football?

They are World cup, European Cup, F.A cup, Carling cup, Champion league, Europa League.

Will Liverpool play uefa europa league on 2012 - 2013 season?

Yes because they won the Carling Cup

Does winning of fa cup qualify for champions league?

not any more:

How much money does a football team get for winning the carling cup?

£100,000 a.H

Who is the home team in 2011 carling cup final?

knowone it's at wembley

What team won the europa cup the most?

As it is a new cup , formerly the U.E.F.A cup.

What trophies have Manchester United won?

They won the FIFA club world cup the premier league trophy the champions league trophy the carling cup and i think they won the Europa league.

Did Liverpool qualify for the europa cup?

Yes. They finished 7th in the league and qualified as Portsmouth were disqualified.