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Kobe Bryant 81 points

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Kobe Bryant

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Q: Who made the most points in Laker history?
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Which laker has scored the most points in a playoff game?

Elgin Baylor - 61 points

Which Laker player has the most total points scored in playoff games?

Kobe Bryant

Who got the most MVP in Los Angeles Laker history?

Kareem Abdul-Jabbar

Who scored the most points in euroleague history?

Marcus Brown ,2693 points

Who had the most points in a single in NHL history?


Most points in one nhl season?

Wayne Gretzky has broken numerous records of having the most points.

Does Franco Harris have the most points in Pittsburgh Steelers history?

No, kicker Gary Anderson does with 1343. Franco's 100 touchdowns is the most in Steelers history and his 600 points is the most for a non kicker.

Which player is the NBA has the most points?

Kareem Abdul-Jabbar he has 38,387 points{history and all-time Shaq has the most points he has 28,255{he is still playing}

Who make the most points in the nba?

Kevin Durant. He made the most points last year and he is making the most points this year.

Who has the 3rd most points in NBA history?

Micheal Jordan

What player has scored the most points playing for the Atlanta Falcons?

The player with the most points in franchise history is kicker Morten Andersen.

Who average the most points per game in nba history?

lebron James with 35.1 points a game!