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No, kicker Gary Anderson does with 1343.

Franco's 100 touchdowns is the most in Steelers history and his 600 points is the most for a non kicker.

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Q: Does Franco Harris have the most points in Pittsburgh Steelers history?
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What years did Franco Harris play for the Pittsburgh Steelers?

Franco Harris played for the Steelers from 1972 to 1983.

What was Franco Harris' number for the Pittsburgh Steelers?


Who made the miraculous catch?

Lynn Swan on the Pittsburgh Steelers Franco Harris on the Pittsburgh Steelers

Who is the leading rusher in steelers history?

Franco Harris

Who was the MVP for the Pittsburgh Steelers in their first Super Bowl victory?

Franco Harris

Who is the Pittsburgh Steelers all time leading rusher?

Franco Harris - 11,950 yards

Which nfl teams did Franco Harris play for?

Pittsburgh Steelers Seattle Seahawks

Who holds the Pittsburgh Steelers all time record for touchdowns scored?

Franco Harris with 100.

Why is there only one Pittsburgh Steelers football player whose number was retired?

Franco harris

Who wears number 32 on the Pittsburgh Steelers?

Currently, no Steelers player wears the #32. The last player to wear it was Franco Harris in 1983.

How many seasons did Franco Harris play football?

Franco Harris played 13 seasons in the NFL: 1972-1983: Pittsburgh Steelers 1984: Seattle Seahawks

Who was the first African American MVP in a super bowl?

RB Franco Harris of the Pittsburgh Steelers in Super Bowl IX.

MVP of Super Bowl IX?

The MVP of Superbowl IX was Franco Harris who was a fullback for the Pittsburgh Steelers. The game was played between the Steelers and Vikings and the Steelers won with a score of 16 to 6.

Who was the MVP of Super Bowl IX?

Running back Franco Harris of the Pittsburgh Steelers was the MVP of Super Bowl IX.

Who was the key player in Super Bowl IX for the Pittsburgh Steelers?

Super Bowl IX MVP, running back Franco Harris.

Who is the Pittsburgh Steelers all time leader in rushing yardage?

Franco Harris is the all time Steelers rushing leader with 11,950 yards.

Who was number 32 for the Pittsburgh Steelers?

The last and most famous Steelers player to wear the number 32 was Hall of Fame running back Franco Harris from 1972-1983.

What running back has the most Super Bowl rings?

Franco Harris, running back for the Pittsburgh Steelers, won 4 Super bowls in the mid and late 70s.

Who was the running back before Franco Harris for the Pittsburgh Steelers?

Franco's first season with the Steelers was 1972. He replaced Preston Pearson who was the second leading rusher for the Steelers in the 1971 season (behind Frenchy Fuqua). Pearson stayed with the Steelers through the 1974 season, mainly as a return man and 3rd down back.

Who is the all-time touchdown leader for the Pittsburgh Steelers?

Through the 2010 season, that is Franco Harris with 100 (91 rushing, 9 pass receiving).

How old is Franco Harris?

Former Steelers running back Franco Harris is 68 years old (birthdate: March 7, 1950).

Who is the Pittsburgh Steelers all time touchdown leader?

Franco Harris is the all-time Steelers leader in touchdowns with 100. He had 91 rushing and 9 receiving touchdowns.

Is Franco Harris alive?

(as of 10 August 2009) Franco Harris (born March 7, 1950) is a former American Football player best known for his career with the Pittsburgh Steelers. He was inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame in 1990.

Which Pittsburgh Steeler has the most rushing touchdowns?

Franco Harris has the most rushing touchdowns for the Steelers with 91.

What year did Franco Harris make the Immaculate Reception for the Pittsburgh Steelers?

December 23, 1972 in a playoff game against the Oakland Raiders.