Who is the tallest goalkeeper?

Updated: 9/28/2023
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Willie "Fattie" Foulke weighed in at almost 330 lbs. or 150 kg and was 6 ft 4 in. He was the first goalkeeper for Chelsea FC, and was famous for arguing and abusing refs and opposing players

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van der sar

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Q: Who is the tallest goalkeeper?
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Who is the tallest arsenal goalkeeper?

Michael Jordon

Who is the tallest player ever to play for Manchester United?

Goalkeeper Stuart Taylor is the tallest at the club, standing 6 ft 5 in ( 1.96 m ). Vincent Kompany is the second tallest, standing 6 ft 4 in ( 1.93 m ).

What is the Greek word for goalkeeper?


Who is the goalkeeper for the Bristol Rovers?

Currently, Scott Bevan is the goalkeeper. The second goalkeeper is Lance Cronin.

Who is the tallest goalie?

Kristof van Hout - 2.08m - (6ft10)Belgian Goalkeeper who plays for the Belgium Jupiler League club, Standard Liege.Check out the link in the Related Links. It will show you the 15 tallest players in the world. not all goalkeepers, but #1 is a goalkeeper.

Who was tallest world cup football player?

Answer:The tallest active soccer player in the world is a Goalkeeper from Standard Liege called Kristof van hout at 6ft 10. Although many come close he is the only 6ft 10 player I can find. Hope to be some help!6ft 10 is also the same as 2m 10cm

Who guard the goal post in some games?

who guard the goalpost in foot ball

What is the definition of goalkeeper?

Goalkeeper is a position in some sports.

What players helps the goalkeeper?

Defenders assist the goalkeeper.

Is petr chec a good goalkeeper?

Oh yes Petr Cech is a good goalkeeper , he was once the worlds best goalkeeper.

When a goalkeeper gets sent off what happens?

When a goalkeeper gets sent off, they have to leave the field of play and cannot be replaced by another goalkeeper. A teammate will have to step in as the substitute goalkeeper for the remainder of the match.

Who was South Africas goalkeeper?

Itumeleng Khune is South Africa's Goalkeeper