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Defenders assist the goalkeeper.

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Q: What players helps the goalkeeper?
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These players help protect the goalkeeper?


How many players are there in Football match?

There Is 1 Goalkeeper And 10 Outfield Players

What are the players that help protect the goalkeeper?

Two backs

Who players help to protect the goalkeeper?

it's defender

Which players have played for Leicester and Celtics?

Goalkeeper Rab Douglas

How many players are in a team on the pitch for the FIFA World Cup?

There 11 players on the pitch: 1 goalkeeper and 10 outfield players

What is the role of a goalkeeper in football?

The goalkeeper has a very important role in football. The goalkeeper protects the goal in order to keep the other team from scoring a goal. This helps the goalkeeper's team have a better chance of winning.

What is the players called to protect the goalkeeper in soccer?

Sweeper have to protect the keeper he/she is just behind the center back/center backs and in front of the goalkeeper

How many players are there in one set game of soccer?

16-11(players including goalkeeper) + 5 substitute

How many players are on a handball game?

Handball consists of 2 teams of 7 players each. One of which is the goalkeeper.

How many players on the pitch in mini-hockey including the goalkeeper?

Bout 11

How many players on a U12 soccer field?

Strictly speaking, there should be 11 players, including the goalkeeper. However, because the Laws of the Game permit leagues and competitions to play small-sided for younger players, there are usually 8 players per team, including the goalkeeper, on the smaller fields.

How may players in a soccer team?

There are 11 soccer players insinde the fiels; which 1 is a goalkeeper and 10 are playing inside.

What soccer player helps protect the goal?

The main player that does that is the goalkeeper.

Who are some Christian premier league players?

Tim Howard, Everton goalkeeper for one.

Who are the four groups of players on a soccer team called?

Strikers, midfielders, defenders and the goalkeeper.

How many players play at a time for a team in soccer?

11 players play for each team in a soccer match (including the goalkeeper.)

If a main goalkeeper gets red carded who will replace him?

The team's substitute goalkeeper comes in from the siellines, but one of the team's "field" players must come off the field.

How many players of a team play on a professional soccer game?

It depend on what they play 5 4, 5 3, 5 5,there are many ways to play one is 12 people.

How many players are on one football field?

On a football (Soccer) field, there are twenty-two players; eleven on each team (Including the goalkeeper).

In soccer if the goalkeeper picks up the ball and bounces it 3 times do the players have to leave the box?


How many players are on the field for professional soccer?

22 11 on each team counting the goalkeeper

How many players are on an indoor soccer team?

A indoor soccer team (or a futsal team) has 5 player, one goalkeeper and four field players.

What is seven aside soccer?

Seven a Side, more than likely what the person was referring to, means 7 players on each team. Generally, each team fields 11 players, including the goalkeeper. 7 a side, or 7-on-7, means that each team has six field players and one goalkeeper.

What is the probability a captain and a goalkeeper will be among 5 players selected from eleven?

It is possible for the captain and the goalkeeper to be the same person. This changes the probability very significantly. There is nothing in the question to indicated that this is or is not the case.