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d.s defensive specalist also known as libero or middle back

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There are Two positions that specialize in defensive skills, Liberos (Wear a different color jersey than everyone else on the team) and DS's (Stands for Defensive specialist).

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the defensive speacialist of a volleyball team is called a libero. She/he wears a different colored jersey than the rest of the team and has different subbing rules than the rest of the team

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not the right spelling but la baro

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Q: Who is the player who speacializes in defensive skills of the game of volleyball?
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What Skills Do you have to know to be good at volleyball?

Serve (there are many, many different kinds of serves), forearm pass (the pass that most back row, or defensive, players use), set (the pass that the setter usually gives to a player to hit), and attack (most commonly done by the front row, or offensive, players use), communicate on the court, and play as a team rather than individuals functioning separately. There you have it, volleyball in a nutshell.

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co operationpersistenceconcentrationcommunicationspeedarm strength

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yeah volleyball is a blast its my favorite sport to play.

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