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Julius Erving

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Q: Who is the only man to be both the NBA and ABA MVP?
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How is the ABA different from the NBA?

The ABA and the NBA were both basketball leagues. The ABA no longer exists, because it merged with the NBA in the 1970's. The ABA was only around for about 10 years.

Why is dr j wearing 4 rings in his new commercial?

He won three in the ABA and one in the NBA

Which MVP award is the most prestigious in the NBA?

Considering that their are only 4 given out for the entire season (Rookie Challenge MVP, All-Star Game MVP, NBA MVP [for the season], and the NBA Finals MVP), the most prestigious would easily be the NBA MVP award.

Which basketball coach guided the Nets in both the ABA and NBA?

Kevin Loughery

Who won the nba's mvp and defensive mvp in the same year?

Giannis Antetokounmpo won both the NBA MVP and the NBA Defensive Player of the Year awards in the 2019-2020 season.

Who is the only French player from France who owns both a NBA championship ring and MVP title of the finals?

Tony Parker

Only French player from France owns both a NBA championship ring and MVP title of the finals?

Tony Parker

Was the NBA always called the NBA?

NO before the NBA was the ABA( American Basketball Assosciation)

Does dr. jay have an N B A ring?

A two-time ABA MVP, Erving led the New York Nets to two ABA championships. In 1976, Erving moved to the NBA and became a Philadelphia 76er. In 1983, he led the 76ers to the NBA championship. [From The Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame]

Who is the only french player from France owns both NBA championship ring and MVP title of the finals?

That would be the great Tony Parker!

What Canadian has won the most mvp's in the nba?

Steve Nash is the only Canadian to win the MVP award in the NBA.yup

Who was the NBA regular season MVP in 1969 when Boston celtics won the championship?

Wes Unseld of the Baltimore Bullets was both MVP and Rookie of the Year of the 1968-69 NBA season.